High Quality Fry Pan – Germany Series 24, 28cm

Brand MGC
Model  MGC - Germany Series
Description (DIM / Vol / L / Bottom Thickness) Fry Pan 24cm/1L/46mm/ 5mm 28cm/1.3L/46mm/ 5mm
Carton Size (cm) 54.5*48.5*38.5 51.5*29.5*41.5
G.W / N.W (kg) 17 (with accessories and packing) / 6.6(pan only) 18.4 (with accessories and packing) / 7.2(pan only)
Package Color box
Pot Set Material Aluminum Alloy
Coating Non-stick
Color Green/Red/Purple/White/Pink
Applicable Scenario Home Use & Gift
Cooktops Induction bottom / suitable for all kinds of kitchen ranges

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The Pink Suit

● MGC' s Flagship: the Original, Authentic Sauce Pan. Often imitated but never duplicated. FDA approved, patented seal reduces smell, smoke, and oil splatter. Retains heat and moisture for quick, juicy, and tender food.
● Premium, Nonstick Coating provides extra durability and corrosion resistance while maintaining superior nonstick features. Compatible with all heat sources, including induction (IH).
● It is applied to die-cast aluminum to retain aluminum's light-weight properties yet rigid structure. Comes with the MGC glass lid Of tempered hardness which includes an automatic steam vent.
● Made with forged aluminum so that heat is evenly distributed and coating lasts a longer time.The exterior is coated with ceramic, making cleaning a breeze.
● Ergonomically designed comfort handle.
● Heat up milk, supplementary food, pasta, noodle, etc.
● Achieves tender and juicier foods, particularly desirable to seniors, patients.

Germany Series-Purple&Green-Fry Pan

Product Use

Frying Pans are an essential piece of Cookware. Here are some of our favorite uses for Frying Pans.

1. Frying
A Frying Pan is perfect for shallow frying, meaning your food is not submerged in oil the way it would be in a deep frying situation. A quality Frying Pan keeps the moisture out of your dish so you can count on perfectly browned and crispy food every time.

2. Sautéing
Fry pan is also a great choice for a fast sauté or other hands-on cooking technique, If your recipe calls for sautéing large amounts of food or introducing a liquid to simmer, you’re likely better off using a fry pan.

3. Searing
Fry Pans aren’t designed to retain moisture, which is an important factor to have when searing proteins to achieve a dry, crispy exterior with a juicy, tender interior.

4. Sauces
Pan sauces are just that—sauces made in a pan you just used to fry, sear, sauté, or brown your food. The shallow nature of a Frying Pan is excellent for quickly creating a pan sauce, as it requires frequent mixing without the addition of too much liquid.
Pan sauces are created using the bits of leftover, burnt food attached to your pan and mixing them with aromatics and a liquid, like wine, vinegar, or citrus juices. After adding in stock and butter, you’ll have a smooth, silky sauce that’s the perfect accompaniment to your steak
, salmon, pork, or chicken.

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