Tips teach you how to choose cookware

● Thermal Conductivity
If the thermal conductivity of pot body material is better, the pot is healthier and more smokeless! The thermal conductivity of iron steel is about 15, and aluminum is about 230. So aluminum is the best in this index, followed by double cool alloy, composite steel . Iron and stainless steel are poor.
● Thickness of pot Body
Theoretically, it is better that the pot body is thicker. The best thickness of frying pot is more than 3-4mm and the best thickness of soup pot is more than 2mm. It is for less smoke and anti-scorch.
● Non-stick Effect
From the best effect of non-stick, if the non hydrophilic substance (Teflon chemicals) chemical coating or this kind of materials can be stirred into chemical protection coating in the physical mixing way, the decoration effect can be the best. When uncoated pot body reaches a certain thickness with surface processing through special technology and the pot body can be heated evenly, it is also achieve a good non-stick effect through properly smelting pot. But it can not be as effective as the coating pot.
● Fashion
Stainless steel can be fashionable through color processing. Aluminium pots can also be made into wonderful colors. If combining the elegance of stainless steel with the wonderful color of aluminum pot, it can be more fashionable!

Post time: Jul-21-2022