Overview of Cookware Industry

1. Summary of Cookware Industry
Cookware refers to various utensils for cooking food or boiling water, such as rice cookers, wok, air fryers, electric pressure cookers, and fryers.
Cookware industry is mainly engaged in pot production and processing and other industrial production activities of the industrial industry.
According to the function, there are pressure cooker, frying pan, soup pot, steamer, milk pot, rice cooker, multi-function pot, etc. According to the material, there are stainless steel pot, iron pot, aluminum pot, casserole pot, copper pot, enamel pot, non-stick pot, composite material pot, etc. According to the number of handles, there are one ear pot and two ears pot; According to the shape of the bottom, there are pan and round bottom pot.
2.Analysis of Development Feature of Cookware Industry
● Technical Characteristics and Technical Level
From the overall industry standard of household cookware industry, it mainly includes CE certification、 LMBG certification、 LFGB certification、 IG certification、 HACCP certification.


With the development of science and technology, household cookware products are no longer aimed at meeting basic cooking needs. With the application of hard oxidation, soft oxidation, enamel technology, friction pressure swing, metal injection, spinning, composite sheet and other new technologies, new technologies and new materials in the production of pot, consumers are constantly putting forward new requirements for the material, appearance, function, environmental protection and other aspects of pot products. This has put forward a higher demand to the R&D ability and manufacturing level of cookware manufacturers.
The speed of the replacement of pot products requires enterprises to have a higher level of technology. And the use of new technology requires enterprises to accumulate experience in the long-term production process and need them to have a large number of skilled workers. It is difficult for new enterprises to quickly master and reserve a large number of skilled technical workers in a short period of time. And it is difficult to keep up with the continuous updating of cookware manufacturing technology.
China’s existing cookware production technology has been greatly improved on the basis of the traditional cold stamping and ordinary mold manufacturing technology. Various new materials and advanced technology have been introduced into the cookware production, most of which have reached the international level.
● Periodicity
The cookware industry is not significantly periodicity.
As a necessary consumer goods in people’s daily life, the production and consumption of cookware are closely related to the development of national economy and people’s income level. So the development cycle of cookware products has a high correlation with the development of national economy and family disposable income.
● Seasonality
There is no obvious seasonality in the cookware industry.
Although cookware belongs to daily goods. But its sale basically suffers holiday influence much but seasonal influence less. Except that the proportion of sales revenue in the fourth quarter was relatively high due to Christmas, National Day, New Year’s Day and Spring Festival in the fourth quarter, the other quarters were average.
● Locality
Cookware products are the necessities in family’s daily life. But the consumption level is related to the income level of residents. And the market consumption in the Eastern and coastal areas with relatively developed economy is relatively large.
In terms of production, China’s cookware manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Guangdong province, Zhejiang Province, Shanghai Province, Jiangsu province and Shandong province, Zhejiang and Guangdong province are main concentrated areas of China’s cookware production.


● Business Pattern
According to the different regions, economic development level, technological level and manufacturing process of the enterprise, cookware enterprises in the global scope are gradually differentiated into the following two forms of enterprises:
The first type of enterprises are mature and well-known international enterprises with strong design and R&D capabilities and obvious brand and channel advantages. They purchase most of their products from OEM manufacturers and become asset-light brand operators.The second type of enterprise doesn’t have high design and development capability and brand recognition. Generally, in the developing countries and regions, labor cost is low. The main production capacity is strong. These enterprises are asset-heavy producers. Commonly, these are the first class enterprise OEM. Some companies also have free brand production and marketing.
After years of development, China’s cookware industry gradually changed from simple production and manufacturing to independent R&D, design, production and sales. It formed a production system with a considerable production scale and technical level and gradually became an important production base of the global cookware industry.
Domestic cookware enterprises business is mainly divided into three categories: the first is the domestic industry’s leading enterprises which are for the international famous enterprises OEM and with free brand in production and management at domestic and international market occupied the domestic market in high-end market. Second, some enterprises with scale advantage mainly produce for overseas well-known enterprises OEM. Finally, the vast majority of SMES in the industry are focused on the domestic market competition of middle and low-end products.

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