High Quality Shallow Pot – European Series 24, 28cm-Marble

Brand MGC
Model   MGC - European Series
Description (DIM / Vol / L / Bottom Thickness) Shallow Pot  24cm/2.9L/75mm/ 4.5mm  28cm/4.3L/80mm/ 4.5mm
Carton Size (cm) 53.5*35.5*42 60.5*38*42
G.W / N.W (kg) 18(with accessories and packing) / 7.3 (pot only)  21 (with accessories and packing) /9.3(pot only)
Package Color box
Pot Set Material Aluminum Alloy
Coating Marble
Color Avocado Green / Noble Blue / Silver Pink / Moon White / Macaron Yellow
Applicable Scenario Home use & Gift
Cooktops Induction bottom / suitable for all kinds of kitchen ranges

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The Pink Suit

● MGC' s Flagship: the Original, Authentic Soup Pot. Often imitated but never duplicated. FDA approved, patented seal reduces smell, smoke, and oil splatter. Retains heat and moisture for quick, juicy, and tender food.
● Premium, Nonstick Coating provides extra durability and corrosion resistance while maintaining superior nonstick features. Compatible with all heat sources, including induction (IH).
● It is applied to die-cast aluminum to retain aluminum's light-weight properties yet rigid structure. Comes with the MGC glass lid Of tempered hardness which includes an automatic steam vent.
● Made with forged aluminum so that heat is evenly distributed and coating lasts a longer time.The exterior is coated with ceramic, making cleaning a breeze.
● Ergonomically designed comfort handle.
● Stewed fish, Braised pork bone, braised pork leg, cook soup, Cook seafood, pasta, noodle,etc.
● Achieves tender and juicier foods, particularly desirable to seniors, patients.
● Larger capacity.

European Series-Noble Blue-Shallow Pot

Product Information

A shallow pot has a flat bottom with rounded corners and sloping walls. With these characteristics, it looks like a hybrid combination of a pot and a pan. It is deeper than a skillet, and offers lots of room for sauces and stews. Equipped with a lid, it is a compact kitchen tool that delivers top value with its specialized function.

A shallow pot has a lot in common with a Dutch oven, signifying its versatility and high practicality. 
Some versions of the shallow pot can be used in the oven, allowing your cooked food to be moved from the stove top to the oven quickly. Like the Dutch oven, the shallow pot can be used to cook a “one-pot meal” that makes cooking convenient and simple. 

With its flat base and focused cooking space, the shallow pot excels at creating many of the same slow-cooked meals, casseroles and stews made famous by Dutch ovens.

A shallow pot is excellent at braising your food. Braising is the cooking method that turns tough cuts of meat and vegetables into tender, flavorful dishes using steady, even heat and moisture over an extended time.

Additionally, a shallow pot demonstrates its versatility as an exceptional alternative to using your skillet. By using a shallow pot, you can make foods that require shallow frying or steaming, even bringing it to serve your food at the dinner table.

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