High Quality Wok – 32cm

Brand MGC
Type Wok
DIM/H/Bottom Thickness/Handle Length 32cm/10cm/5mm/22cm
Carton Size (cm) 71.5*56.5*48
G.W / N.W (kg) 24.5(with accessories and packing) / 7.8 (wok only)
Package Color box
Pot Set Material Aluminum Alloy
Coating Non-stick
Color Black / Gray
Applicable Scenario Home use & Gift
Cooktops Induction bottom / suitable for all kinds of kitchen ranges

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Wok 32cm

Product Details

● Tempered glass cover, heat-resistant and anti-scalding, visualization.
● Flexible and lightweight, can be picked up with one hand
● Fried, boiled, stewed, can cook a variety of dishes.
● Non-stick coating,, durable and scratch-resistant, smooth non-stick pan surface, can be cleaned with a rinse and wipe.
● Long handle, non-slip and burn-proof, comfortable grip. It is evenly heated to be physically non-sticky, easy to play and drift, and the fish is not broken when fried.
● The wok body adopts multi-layer composite technology, die-casting and integral molding, uniform heat conduction, and no deformation of the bottom of the wok.Thickened composite pot bottom, strong and durable.Compatible with different stoves.
● The inclined edge design of the arc and edge of the pot makes the delicious food fall back steadily in the pot, skillfully complete the stir-fry, and turn it into Chinese cooking habits. The pot body is deeper so that food is not easy to spill when stir frying; the pot is lighter, the kitchen novice can easily control.
● The integrated die-casting wok will not loosen the handle after a period of time due to hot expansion and cold contraction.
● A flush is clean, leaving no residue, wash the pot does not hurt hands.

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